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Cranmore Executive Search Transforms Roles and Elevates Biorasi's Leadership

he collaboration between Cranmore Executive Search and Biorasi, led by CEO Chris O'Brien, aimed to secure an exceptional Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for Biorasi with significant expertise in Oncology or Rare Disease

The “Ask”
from the Client

Biorasi’s CEO Chris O’Brien required an executive search firm with the ability to deliver the strongest talent within their marketplace.


Biorasi needed a full-time CMO with a unique mix of qualifications: such as a PhD and MD, extensive oncology expertise, clinical research experience and a deep understanding of FDA regulations.

They placed their trust in Cranmore Executive Search...

Job interview

The Challenge

Our Managing Partner; Seán Carter and Prinipal; Dr Keziah Davison, worked closely with Chris O’Brien, taking the time to understand the company culture and core team values at Biorasi for an effective candidate search. The team then provided a robust shortlist of executive physician candidates. Our emphasis was on aligning values and expertise with Biorasi's vision.


In the search process, Cranmore identified Dr. Kristen Buck, a former CMO at ICON. Dr. Buck's extensive biotech experience and alignment with Biorasi's values were evident, despite her not actively seeking a new role.


Understanding that this would be a perfect fit for both Dr. Kristen Buck and the Biorasi team, Dr. Keziah Davison established trust with Dr. Kristen Buck, and organised a meeting between Dr. Kristen Buck and Chris O’Brien.

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with many executive search professionals throughout my career. Having said that, few if any, have been more delightful with which to work thank Dr. Keziah Davison.


Not only is Keziah knowledgeable and talented, but her professional demeanor and emotional intelligence is off the charts.


I highly recommend Keziah for any executive

search needs.”

Dr. Kristen K. Buck;  Senior Medical Advisor 
and Member of the Scientific Advisory Board; Biorasi

The Result

Recognizing Dr. Kristen Buck's unique value, the Biorasi team, impressed by her experience in large CROs and extensive biotech network, reconsidered the scope of the position. Opting for a fractional advisory role, they seized the opportunity to leverage Dr. Kristen Buck's expertise more extensively.


While the search deviated from a traditional full-time hire, Biorasi's leadership expressed exceptional satisfaction. Dr. Kristen Buck, in her expanded fractional role, has made a substantial contribution, leveraging her clinical and commercial expertise and network.

Business Meeting

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