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Our 2024 Life Sciences Consulting Salary Guide

Want to stay ahead in the ever-competitive talent market? Make sure your salaries and benefits are up to par! Get a competitive edge and stay on top of the latest trends in the UK and US.

An Improved Methodology

In our 2024 Life Science Consulting Salary Guide, we’ve improved our methodology by incorporating respondents’ years of industry experience and managerial responsibilities data. By gathering insights on professionals’ tenure in the field and the number of employees managed by principals and partners, we offer a nuanced view of compensation trends


This additional information allows us to present more accurate salary averages across different career stages and hierarchical levels.

This guide is perfect for benchmarking your salaries against your competition and checking how your own package measures up to the regional averages. 

To download our guide, simply answer the below questions and we will automatically send the guide to your email.

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