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Why Confidence in the Right Hire Matters

According to a report by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), a bad senior-level hire can cost your business up to three times their annual salary.


In times of economic uncertainty, such mistakes are hugely counterproductive. Cranmore isn't just about filling vacancies; we're dedicated to securing leaders who don't just meet your expectations but exceed them. Our partnership with Elevational ensures a bespoke approach to your executive hiring needs.

Working at home

Elevating Your Leadership Potential

Imagine having total confidence that a new leader will:

✅ Rapidly deliver critical business priorities

✅ Exceed personal revenue targets bullet point

✅ Forge strong relationships with key stakeholders

✅ Inspire and empower teams, embodying your company values.

“Nigel brings with him 25 years lived experience of leading life science consulting groups and his passion for developing people gives him the ideal background to deliver this programme.
We are incredibly excited about the value the Elevational and Cranmore partnership will offer our clients and candidates”​

Sean Carter;

Managing Partner of Cranmore Executive Search

The Result

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Ready To Scale?

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