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Chief Medical Officer

United States

Job Type


Full Time


About the Role

Our client is a global, award-winning, full-service contract research organization (CRO) that delivers the speed and agility that today’s small and midsized pharmaceutical and device companies desperately need. As the leader in oncology, neurology, nephrology, dermatology, and the rare and urgent disease market, the company sets new standards for speed, agility, and quality in patient enrolment, decentralized trials, and data transparency. Our client pride themselves in setting a new benchmark in speed and raising the bar in CRO quality.The company excels in overcoming common challenges faced during clinical studies, leveraging industry expertise, cutting-edge technology, and our deep commitment to clinical research. They enrol patients up toeight times quickerthan other CROs by optimizing patient-centric strategies, deploying local and global clinical trial recruitment solutions, and customizing individual enrolment plans for rare and urgent disease. Additionally, our client utilises cutting edge technology to enable clinical trials to remain agile, with remote monitoring and remote patient solutions, keeping pivotal trials moving forward and adapting to everyday challenges and unforeseen obstacles.

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