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Director of Business Development

New York, NY, USA

Job Type


Business Development

Details available upon request

About the Role

Key Objectives:

Drive Revenue Growth: Take ownership of revenue targets by consistently surpassing bookings objectives through proactive and strategic business development efforts.
Lead Generation Expertise: Demonstrate a relentless pursuit of new leads and opportunities, continuously expanding the client base through targeted outreach and networking.
Pipeline Development: Build and maintain a robust pipeline of potential opportunities, proactively advancing prospects through the sales cycle.
Strategic Expansion: Identify and implement innovative strategies to penetrate new markets and capitalize on emerging business trends.

Key Responsibilities:

Proactive Outreach: Employ a hunter mentality, leveraging cold calling, email campaigns, and LinkedIn strategies to aggressively pursue new sales prospects.
Relationship Cultivation: Establish and nurture strong relationships with prospects, earning their trust and qualifying leads for conversion.
Market Mastery: Stay ahead of the curve by actively seeking out and capitalizing on new business opportunities within the life sciences landscape.
Collaborative Engagement: Partner closely with sales executives to facilitate seamless transitions from prospecting to deal closure.
Performance Analysis: Provide detailed performance reports to inform strategic decision-making and ensure alignment with business development goals.

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