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Why Employee Engagement is Part of Recruitment

​Employee Engagement is a hot topic in HR currently, but many businesses see it solely as an after-recruitment issue. Employee engagement is the ways in which a company will enhance their employees’ experience and create a working environment that they actually enjoy. Low employee engagement is shown to create a decrease in productivity, profits, growth and the quality of customer service. However, the reality is to create the best employee engagement, you not only need to look after them once they are employed but during the recruitment process.

Cranmore has been working in the executive recruitment sector for many years and understand the necessity to create a good employer/employee interaction. Here are some pointers to consider to engagement people throughout the recruitment stages:

Hire the right person.

It may seem obvious but putting the right candidates in place is half the battle and employers should not pick the best of a bad bunch, but wait until the best people come along. Hiring a recruitment agency such as Cranmore is a great way to ensure the candidates have been qualified for their suitability so that the right person is matched to the right position. When an employee is well suited to their position then they will perform at their best and feel happier in their role. A diligent recruitment process is key and here are some ways to drive engagement from the beginning:

Have a clear and realistic job description.

Pick the interview questions carefully to ensure the right fit.

Ask about the candidate’s career goals and interests to judge if they match the company’s culture.

Set a Good Standard of Communication

Ensure all interactions with potential candidates made through email, phone and in person are carried out in a polite and timely manner. It is important to set positive expectations from the beginning and ensure that the candidates are shown efficiency, organisation and respect throughout the process. The best way to do this is to keep the applicants informed of what stage they are at and when they will hear back from you. The process of hiring can be time-consuming, but you need to stick to the deadlines you set. It is also important to be as quick and efficient as possible during the process as the top candidates may be applying for other positions and will be snapped up quickly.

Create an Excellent ‘Onboarding’ Process.

It is important to engage with your new employee even before their first day to ensure they feel welcomed into the company. An email stating that you are delighted that they are joining the team and that you look forward to working with them is a great first step. The first few days and weeks in a new company set the tone for the entire time the new employee is there, and so it is very important to make sure the new staff member feels valued from the start. On the first day, it is important to ensure where possible that all admin tasks have been taken care of such as contract creation, email account set up, including any key cards and other requirements needed. Not everything can be done at once but by being as quick as possible with the initial set up will vastly help the employee settle in and enjoy being part of a new team.


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