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The Job Searching Checklist

​When embarking on any task the best results will come from having a well thought out plan in place. Your job search is no different and to find the next rung on the career ladder you need to plan and execute your strategy with precision.

At Cranmore, we know that your job search is extremely important and you need to be prepared for each step of the process.

1. Use your Network:

When you are thinking about applying to your next role it is important to assess your online reputation and presence. If you have not updated your LinkedIn profile for a while, then now is the time to refresh it. Add in any new qualifications or skills that you have acquired and ask people you know to endorse you. Become more actively online by creating and sharing valuable content.

Next, you should reach out to your current network and see if there are any roles that may be available. Jobs are not always advertised so it is worth making some inquiries. You can then also connect with people online who work in the sector or company you are interested in.

2. Update your CV:

Have a look at the available jobs online to see what common criteria the job description asks for and update your cv to highlight how your experience matches these essential skills. Make sure that your resume is a clear and precise overview of your career history and make it easy for the recruiter to see how you are experienced and qualified enough to fit the role.

3. Reach Out to the Recruiter:

Cranmore has many exciting positions available and so we encourage you to contact us for the best help and advice with your job search. When applying for our advertised positions, we suggest fine tuning your cv and writing a cover letter to suit the specific position. Look at our current advertised roles here.

4. Establish yourself as a Thought Leader

Establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry is a great way to become respected in your sector, and you may find that the roles come to you before you even have to search for them. Build up your visibility online to ensure you are seen by the right people such as influencers, leaders, and recruiters.

By putting time and effort into your job search through engaging with your network, contacting recruiters, and researching new companies to approach you are in a prime position to find the role and the company that best suits you. Sharing and creating content online is also a very useful way of finding your next role and creating the shortest path to a successful outcome.


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